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Anma Massage: The Fascia Massaging Miracle


If you want to soften those frown lines and wrinkles around the mouth or give your eyebrows a good lift, the Anma is a myofascial release tool that can accomplish what basic skincare cannot. This facial massage tool creates circulation that not only delivers collagen, elastin, and plumping hyaluronic acid to your skin, but it also allows the facial fascia to return to a more relaxed, healthy state.


Utilizing an ancient Japanese massage technique, the Anma (Awn-Mah) massage tool is used for lymphatic drainage and fascia release. Fascia is an important protective layer of connective tissue around your muscles. 


Unfortunately, with time it can get a little too stiff and tough. The Anma's perfect shapes and contours help give these tissues a luxurious massage. I am in love with this little tool even for massaging the entire body.

Anma Fascia Massage Tool by Jane Mann

  • I have to admit I am a lover of facial massage tools. I use my hands all day at work to massage my client's faces and appreciate being able to more easily massage my own face. And let's face it, the angles are never the same when massaging my own face so tools help me out a lot.


    I take the Anma with me into the infrared sauna to use on my whole body when I go but for every day use, I'm usually giving myself a scalp massage with it. Once or twice a week I like to give myself a hair oil treatment as a pre cleanse on wash day and the whole ritual is enhanced with a scalp massage. Even without the whole hair oiling ritual, I try to give myself a scalp massage once a day to help increase the circulation to my scalp.


    It feels amazing.


    Our scalp gathers so much tension over the years and this tool provides a very good release of the aponeurosis, or connective tissue sheath that covers most of our head. This can help with tension headaches and increase hair growth.


     With the contours of the Anma, you can really get in behind and in front of our ears to release the superficial fascia which increases lymphatic drainage. But the best place I love to use it is on the occipital area, a place where I hold so much tension. The  occipital area has a lot going on with multiple muscles overlapping each other and the more we work to release it, the better lymphatic drainage we will have and that's always a good thing.

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