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Suitable For: Every skin type. Really good for skin sensitive to sunlight

Safe for use during pregnancy


Please note that Sun Elixir is not a traditional sunscreen or spf and should not be used as a replacement.


The human race evolved under the Sun and lived in harmony with its heat and light since the beginning. Just like a flower, a bird, we are nature itself and meant to have a healthier, wiser relationship with the Sun. 

During the day, Sun emits different frequencies (colours) of light and these frequencies are essential for certain physiological processes in our bodies (Read more here). By using the latest scientific research and the centuries-old knowledge of plants, Sun Elixir is an invitation to establish an adaptable, flexible boundary that helps you receive the Sun's life-giving light while strengthening your skin's response to Sunlight and supporting the health of your skin microbiome.

Botanical Sun Face Elixir

  • I love the subtle scent of this facial oil. Earth to You has such a beautiful commitment to skincare formulation that is based in her knowledge of Ayurvedic plants & herbs and the belief that skincare ingredients should come from the soil. 


    Suitable for use for any skin type, this oil can also be used as your daily facial oil in the morning under makeup (or not)  and/or physical sunscreen to strengthen the skin's response to the sun. Can also be used at night to restore and repair skin during times of sun exposure.

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