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When US admistrators brought in new legislation recently, it made things very difficult for small business to keep manufacturing their sunscreen products. With all of the increased fees associated with the new rules, Keys made the difficult decision to discontinue my beloved Solar Rx. 


Now they have taken what they know and turned the Solar Rx formulation into the new Luminos Moisturizer with Zinc Oxide. It's very close to the original Rx formula and it's what they feel confident using as it's replacement as a sunscreen, even though they can't call it a sunscreen. 


And it's what I feel confident in using everyday as my daytime sunscreen product as well.


“Luminos plus is technically not a sunblock. The formula is very close to our Solar Rx. When I am asked what I will use for a daytime product instead of Solar Rx, it is Luminos Plus.”

Wendy Steele, Keys CEO and Melanoma Survivor


Zinc oxide protects against UVA and UVB radiation and has no chemical irritants that cause skin disorders, redness, and puffiness. It is also excellent when used on rosaces at night to help calm a flare up.


This is not a product for sunbathing, extremely hot weather sports or swimming.  Its primary purpose is as a facial and hands moisturizer for daytime use outdoors.

Keys Luminos with Zinc Oxide (their SPF replacement)

  • It took me forever to find something with a high enough zinc oxide content to use as a daily sun protector that met my exacting standards of ingredients that don't interfere with cellular skin function. If you know me, you know that I don't believe in emulsifiers in products as they interfere with the integrity of our lipid barrier.


    Keys has managed to produce a zinc oxide moisturizer that not only uses just zinc oxide in it's protection but also that leaves no white cast whatsoever on any type of skin. 


    With a base of shea butter, this zinc oxide moisturizer provides an incredible barrier against the elements when it's used as the last product in your skin ritual. 


    It lasts a minimum of 6 months when used on your face.

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