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Suitable For: Most skin types

For sensitive skin, we recommend our Gentle Natural Deodorant Balm (made without baking soda)

Safe for use during pregnancy


A refreshing and reparative safe natural deodorant blend that works with the body, not against it. Tried and tested to be effective for 12+ hours of freshness.

Inspired by the need for a dependable alternative to chemical-based deodorants. Our blend consists of our in-house infusion of herbs which introduces healthy bacteria to the underarm microbiome to purify without clogging the pores or plugging the sweat glands - meaning that you can sweat and smell great. Free from aluminium, parabens, or preservatives and lightly scented with organic, floral geranium essential oil.

Natural Deodorant Balm - Active

  • When I say I have tried allllll of the natural deodorants out there, I mean it. Maybe I'm extra stinky or something but they just don't usually work for me. 


    Which is why I was overjoyed when I found this deodorant. Not only does it actually work but I made Lane and Chloe test it out for me as well and both now use it. And that's saying something - they are tough to please when it comes to this kind of thing.


    There is NO DIFFERENCE in the effectiveness between the Gentle and the Active. We've personally tested both of them and they both work really, really well. I've come to understand that if someone's underarms are sensitive to baking soda, they usually know it so I was very happy that Earth to You has thought to make a seperate formula for them.

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