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Suitable For: All skin types 

Really Good For: Sensitive skin, sunburns, sun spots, acne prone skin

Safe for use during pregnancy


- 30g




A Vitamin C-rich, nutrient-dense, 100% organic, vegan night-time moisture balm to rest, repair and soothe the skin as you sleep. 


The light and non-greasy texture of Botanical Night Balm sinks into the skin to regenerate the skin and support healthy ageing at night. 


In our reparative sleep state, skin temperature gets slightly warmer - making the skin and pores more permeable. Therefore, applying Botanical Night Balm at night helps the skin get the maximum benefit from active botanicals.


Your skin is also getting a well-deserved environmental break at night. In the daytime, the skin is exposed to endless harsh environmental stressors like pollution or UV rays. While the skin rests at night, it focuses more attention on repairing rather than protecting itself. This gives the skin a chance to rejuvenate fully without being interrupted by external factors.


In addition, our skin secretes sebum throughout the day to create a thin oily barrier on the skin that keeps moisture in and aggressors out. However, this sebum production peaks at midday, meaning the skin is driest (and least protected) during the night. Paired with a slight rise in temperature, the skin starts to lose moisture while we sleep - this is called ‘transepidermal water loss. Applying Botanical Night Balm as part of your evening skincare routine creates a protective barrier on the skin to keep moisture within the skin.


Scented with Lavender and ancient Frankincense to lull you into a restful sleep.

Organic Botanical Night Balm

  • Don't let the lighter weight texture of this balm fool you. It is somehow light enough for oilier skin types to use it but also thick enough that more drier skin types can also benefit from it. I'm not too sure how she did that ! 


    The subtle scent of all of Earth to You's creations are very soothing to my senses and I love that if you needed more moisture you can layer a facial oil underneath it or you can just use it as is. I've even used it in the daytime as I tend to be lipid dry so really, it's a pretty versatile little balm.

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