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- Suitable for all skin types


- 100 ml


Rebalance, hydrate, and nourish the skin with our cold-pressed, single farm origin Jojoba Oil. Rich in reparative vitamins and fatty acids, non-comedogenic Jojoba Oil is structurally identical to our skin’s natural sebum. Meaning it works with the skin to rebalance oil levels, replenish skin cell turnover, and leave you with a natural, dewy glow.


- Hydrate and moisturise the skin

- Rebalance sebum production and oil levels

- Remove stubborn, waterproof makeup

- Cleanse and reset the skin with an oil cleanse

- Reduce irritation and itchiness for pregnant bellies

Organic Jojoba Oil - Face & Body Glow Oil

  • I always have a bottle of Jojoba oil on hand as it is extremely versatile. Jojoba Oil isn't technically an oil but a wax esther and this very special composition makes it almost 99% identical to our skin's own sebum.


    This means that it can help balance the skin if it's over or underproducing sebum to help alleviate oily or dry skin challanges. 


    When winter is setting in and my skin is starting to feel the effects of the cold, dry air and hard water I will actually use jojoba oil on my body BEFORE I hop into the shower. It forms a protective layer from the water so my skin doesn't dry out as much. Or I will have it within reach so I can apply it while in the shower.


    Needless to say a bottle of jojoba oil is always handy to have around!

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