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  • Inflamed / All Skin Types
  • 100% Whole Plant Organic
  • 2 Beneficial Active Ingredients
  • 20ml


Soothe Compound is a boost of plant medicine formulated to support symptoms that stem from inflammation and imbalance, including redness, irritation, acne, microbiome and barrier disruption, puffiness, eczema, perioral dermatitis, and sun damage. These concentrated drops capture the healing power of Calendula, alongside the nourishing Oat plant.




  • relieve irritation and inflammation
  • repair damaged barrier function
  • restore microbial balance and reduce breakouts

CONVENTIONAL COMPARISON: Niacinamide + Peptide Serum



Four types of healing Calendula flower capture all of her resins, saponins, tannins, carotenoids, phytosterols, minerals, and flavonoids, including quercetin and rutin. Two Milky Oat infusions, alongside housemade Oat Milk provide B vitamins, vitamin E, polysaccharides, amino acids and peptides. Together, Calendula and Oat make the perfect calming, soothing combination – providing ample nourishment, protection, hydration, and relief that all skin types and conditions can benefit from.



A first-of-its-kind category, Laurel Skin Compounds are herbalist-created skin supplements; carefully formulated to replace lab-made synthetic options with a whole-plant alternative.  Used by the drop to complement our Hydrating Elixirs, each concentrated plant medicine blend targets specific skin concerns and supports symptoms of imbalance as they arise, allowing for even more customization in your Laurel Skin Ritual

Soothe Compound - Calendula + Oat (Limited Edition)

  • Heirloom Roses – Roses have potent humectant and barrier supportive properties, making its delicate petals strong hydrators that prevent transepidermal water loss. Our Compound uses Roses in 4 ways; an inky-crimson highly concentrated fresh heirloom petal infusion, two technical variations of multi-month cycle macerations, and our oil-rich California Single Farm Hydrosol. Each infusion captures its own unique variation of nutrients from Rose including B vitamins, vitamin E, catechin, vitamin C, flavonoids, anthocyanins, palmitic acid, and gallic acid. Despite their antioxidant potency which prompts regeneration, Roses are gentle and soothing to the skin. They have the ability to strengthen, firm and build connective tissue and elasticity.

    Marshmallow Root – This mucilaginous and polysaccharide-rich root should be considered a superhydrator. This fluffy root is Nature’s alternative to man-made hyaluronic acid, containing both galaturonic and glucuronic acids, plumping up each cell with a boost of hydration. Marshmallow is supportive to both our lipid barrier and microbiome, by offering a wealth of B vitamins, lecithin and phytosterols – all of this in turn further supports long lasting hydration. This Root, loved by herbalists everywhere, is a soothing, softening anti-inflammatory. A few of its other notable phytonutrients are betaine, quercetin, ferulic acid and selenium. Its unique mineral profile alongside its polysaccharides are what make marshmallow more deeply hydrating, with the ability to break up stagnation and introduce fluidity. 

    Astragalus – Astragalus has been closely studied for its ability to strengthen and repair telomeres, which are responsible for cellular aging. Telomere repair is essentially DNA repair, and allows our cells to make more ‘precise copies’ of themselves. Beyond that miraculous plant goodness, Astragalus is also deeply nourishing, calming, anti-inflammatory which stimulates surface immunity, and has an affinity for skin prone to reactions or allergies. We use 3 different techniques to infuse this Root, including a 24-hour root decoction for each microbatch, to ensure we capture all the polysaccharides, minerals, niacin and saponins this plant has to offer. 

    Chia Seed Milk While this Compound is mostly hydrophilic (water-loving), there are a few powerhouse lipids that sneak their way in from Chia and Roses. Chia contains essential fatty acid Omega 3, which helps prevent free-radical damages of our lipid barrier and inhibits sun damage caused by inflammation and oxidation. Our housemade Chia infusions are mostly ‘milk’, which also contain soothing, anti-inflammatory water bound nutrients like zinc and magnesium that provide nourishment for both the skin and microbiome.

    Full Ingredient List: Heirloom Rose Triple Infusion°, Marshmallow Root Triple Infusion°, Astragalus Triple Infusion°, Chia Seed Double Infusion°, California Single Farm Rose Hydrosol°, Grape Alcohol°, Flax Seed Glycerine°
    ˚organically grown ingredient

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