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Experience the herbaceous and woodsy fragrance of Masculin Féminin, SST's signature scent. Founder Megan Bre Camp's first-ever tallow balm is designed for everyday wear and is suitable for everyone. This unisex and adaptable balm is part of our Regenerative Tallow™ line, which uses ancient and sacred conifer oils to foster groundedness and inner strength.


Crafted with care using Northern California pasture-raised cattle fat, calendula flower wax, and extra-virgin olive oil sourced from Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation in Capay Valley, CA, this balm has a relaxing blend of essential oils, including Austrian silver fir, California bay laurel, Japanese hinoki cypress, Omani frankincense, Somalian myrrh, and Sri Lankan patchouli.


Summer Solace Masculin Féminin Balm - Regenerative Tallow™

  • Tallow is the O.G. moisturizer. It's nutrient profile makes it a superstar for skin health with every application giving the skin cells a transdermal dose of fat soluable Vitamins A, D, K & E.  Nature never makes mistakes so it's hardly surprising that tallow contains the very vitamins that cosmetic chemists try to recreate in the lab for "skin health". 



    Tallow balm saved my skin earlier this year after coming back from Mexico when even my beloved body oils weren't doing the trick. It's been a superstar at keeping my lower legs moisturized where my fascia is so restricted, it negatively affects the natural hydration of my skin and it's been very helpful in keeping my eczema flare ups manageable without having to resort to using my steroid. 



    In winter it takes a little softening in my palms before I can apply it, but that little ritual has become part of my relaxation moments in the morning/evening.

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