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– All Skin Types


– 100% Whole Plant Organic


– 18 Beneficial Active Ingredients


– 100ml


protect, soothe, repair, strengthen



The Sun Body Oil is a body serum and moisturizer packed with nutrients and antioxidants that are particularly beneficial before and after sun exposure. Every single ingredient chosen for this product has the ability to assist in preventing UV induced oxidative damage or has the ability to repair damage after too much sun exposure. This lightweight, golden oil is a wealth of carotenoids, resveratrol, polyphenols and essential fatty acids working intelligently with your skin to strengthen its response to the sun’s rays. It contains a blend of aromatic tropical and floral essential oils along with fruit and seed oils that together create a scent that nods to summer’s abundance. Our Sun Body Oil includes a house made gemstone essence of Aquamarine, Turquoise and Citrine to inspire joy, movement and freedom of expression.



Colorful and antioxidant-rich oils like Red Grape, Red Raspberry and Olive create a woven network of supportive, protective nutrients that act as a free-radical line of defense. Soothing anti-inflammatory oils such as Roman Chamomile and Frankincense break the cycle of oxidative stress as well as reduce redness and irritation. Our raw and unrefined oils contain their full phytonutrient profile, keeping their antioxidant activity stable and viable for our skin.

Sun Body Oil - Phyto Defense + Repair

  • If you've experienced how incredible the Laurel Sun Serum for the face is, then meet the body equivalent. I took a whole bottle of this to Mexico with me in February and applied it diligently every morning before my sunscreen and in the evening and I was the only family member who didn't burn. ( I also practiced safe sun management, swimming and sitting in the shade when necessary and reapplying my sunscreen)


    The protective and restorative properties of the Laurel Sun oils can not be matched. They help with pigmentation, melasma, raising your skin's resilience to the sun. They are not a replacement for sunscreen but rather a powerful tool in the building of your responsible sun relationship. 


    I burn very easily thanks to my English, Scottish and Irish heritage but I still believe in building healthy relationships with the sun as our health depends so much on receiving adequate amounts of vitamin D. With the Laurel Sun Oils I know I have the extra protection that my skin needs.

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