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15 ml


The Hue:

A burnished darjeeling tea brown with an antique rose pearl heart. 


Philosophy of Flowers: 

Oakmoss Ferment, Wild Hyssop Flower, Lavender Crema and Darjeeling Tea


The Formula:

The marrow of this unique hue is perfect for all skin tones and has both a subtle depth and warmth, offering an adaptable flush of de rigueur colour to the lips that enriches while mildly deepening the natural flesh tint, and the antique rose pearl finish adds a gentle dewy luminescence to the cheeks for a soft highlight.


The formula is rich, creamy, smooth, buildable and light and features flower essences that nourish tender skin while leaving a luminous glow and radiant reveal of natural pigment derived from earthen minerals. This beautiful shade will quickly become an essential in your daily routine.

Tidelands House Heirloom Tea Tinted Lip & Cheek Crème

  • I love this cross over between makeup and skincare that has happened lately. I am always a fan of having skin supporting ingredients in my makeup and I love the slight and buildable tint of these creams. They leave my cheeks dewy with a natural looking flush.

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