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"This facial is something everyone has to experience. Samantha has put together a truly unique experience through her deep knowledge of many different holistic therapies, all which are amazing. Not only does she release your skin from toxins, but your inner landscape as well. A must try there is no one like her out there on the market, a one of a kind rejuvenating experience. I highly recommend her to bring life and health back to your skin."


I’m feeling so grateful to Samantha today, I don’t think my face has felt this relaxed, ever! My skin looked fantastic this morning, freckles included. I was surprised my face didn’t hurt more. It’s a little stiff but I’m very excited to keep working on it and taking better care of myself. You know your stuff! I really thought I'd just have to live with the pain in my jaw so it means the world to me that you have taken the time to learn all of your amazing skills. Thank you Samantha, you are a magical healing angel.”


"A visit with Samantha is always more than "just a facial". Her passion for healthy skin from the inside out is evident in everything from her personalized treatment recommendations to her thoughtful choice of products. Even her room is a haven from the everyday crazy, a place to escape and relax. My most recent treatment, Buccal Massage, visibly changed the shape of my face, softening the lines around my mouth. As an added bonus, the work Samantha did on my right cheek and jaw allowed me to reach my toothbrush around the back of my teeth more easily, something I didn't know was a challenge until it was easy again! Samantha's authentic desire to share her passion has created a space where skill and knowledge fuse into something magical. The result is soft, dewy, healthy skin, and the tools you need to keep it that way. If I could go every week, I would!!"

L.S - Chiropractor

"I had a wonderful experience with the buccal facial, After just a few treatments my jaw line physically moved and both sides of my jaw were aligned. I clench my teeth, and even though I wear a night guard, my jaw was so tense & tight on the one side that it was no longer in line with the other side of my face. I was self-conscious of the way I looked and considered surgery to realign my jaw. Thankfully I was introduced to buccal facial treatments which completely realigned my jaw line! I’m absolutely thrilled with the results and loved the treatments. Not only did it realign my jaw, it also broke down the buildup of tension and melted away years of stress that was sitting in my cheeks and jaw. I also feel profound release in my hips after a buccal massage. I can't stop stretching my hips afterwards as I feel a heightened ability to achieve a deeper release than what is normally possible, they feel so free!"


"I just wanted to follow up and say a deep appreciated thank-you! You were so patient with all my concerns – I REALLY appreciate how gentle you were about it all!! Thank you!! And a big THANK YOU for the facial – my face feels fantastic!! No hives!! I really liked the Dermavidual products! And that buccal technique was awesome!! There is a definite difference in my eyes – things have shifted – so interesting!"

J.B. - B.Sc Naturopathic Doctor

"I recently had a buccal facial with Samantha - I'll admit I was a bit skeptical (ok, a lot) about having this done but I must say that although there were a couple of tight spots in my cheeks that were a bit tender, it was the most relaxing 90 minutes I'v had in a very long time. Samantha's passion for what she does exudes through her hands into her work - with just the right pressure and the mastery of what she does, I came away feeling like I'd had a mini face-lift. If you haven't tried this type of facial, you really should, and book it with Samantha because she LOVES what she does and it's evident!


"Samantha has transformed my face by opening up my eyelids, loosening up my jaw & brow lines and creating circulation to give it a more natural glow. With the products she recommended, with regular use, my skin feels smoother and softer, it is like it has an extra layer of protection, for a healthier radiance. Not to mention how incredibly relaxed you feel after one of her sessions. I highly recommend her for a natural and healthier way to take care of your most precious commodity, your skin"


"After one Buccal massage treatment from Samantha, I was amazed by how much change I experienced. I am a Pilates and Melt Method instructor that has been involved in rehab and facial work for years. I had been working on an old injury to my knee that left some fascial adhesion and imbalances in my muscle structure from over use and compensatory patterning throughout my whole lower right side.

As Samantha worked inside my cheek, I had a very sudden awareness of my SI joint but thought little of it until that night when I awoke as I turned over because I felt a flood like sensation through my right hip and instantly felt more free and mobile. In the morning the tightness throughout my right hip and leg was decreasing and it literally felt as if that extreme tightness under the surface of my skin was moving down my leg. I have felt and been able to move/work in a more balanced and free manner than I can remember since the original injury nearly 14 years ago - remarkable! In addition, I have had many many compliments from clients and friends that I looked like I move with ease and my face is more relaxed. One asked if something amazing had happened as if my whole self was somehow lighter, glowing!! Nope just that through this incredible technique and the gifts of Samantha's loving, gentle gifted hands, my skin brightened, my jaw is more free, my face is more symmetrical and I feel great. I notice now instantly when I am of holding tension in my jaw, so I smile and let go.


At first I was so amazed by the change to my body that I hadn't noticed what everyone else had. I looked refreshed and presented healthier. I believe that change is still occurring weeks later. Can't wait for my next treatment!!"

C.L.- Pilates and Melt Method Instructor

"Hey girl, thanks for yesterday! My skin looks amazing albeit my muscles are sore but the knots in my cheeks are 80% gone!! So that’s fantastic. I also found some recent photos that show a shocking difference in lines around my jaw, under eyes and eyes. I was scrutinizing closeups and the difference is huge. I’m converted. Have a great rest of your week!"


"I’ve been going to Samantha for facials for a while now, and I find that she is really good at tailoring her service to my wants and needs, as well as my skin’s unique profile. She has found the best line of products that align with her deep understanding of the anatomy of the skin, as well as her other social and environmental values. She has introduced me to several new techniques from her advanced studying, the one I enjoy the most is the Gua Sha technique. With the Buccal massage I discovered I held more tension in my jaw than I realized, and since completing the series of treatments, the tension hasn’t come back. I would highly recommend Samantha to anyone looking for a modern approach to skin care"


"As I guy, facials were not high on my list of self-care, but I have to say that after finishing a series of treatments I see what all the fuss is about! Samantha is able to blend her techniques and skills from a variety of teachings and research, and then customize them for her clients, and for me that meant dealing with male skin and all that encompasses (more sweating, shaving, etc). The environment is calm and relaxing while not being overly “spa like” or “girly”, which made me feel comfortable in doing something that I might not normally do. The Buccal massage stands out as something quite different, but if you’ve ever had any physical therapy on your jaw or internal cranial-sacral work done, it won’t be too much of a surprise. I immediately enjoyed the sessions, and came to look forward to them as a little bit of “me” time."


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