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The Beveled Edge Rose Quartz Sculpting Spoon is a valuable facial massage tool for Home Care that is often overlooked.


The “beveled-shaped” design by Cecily Braden makes it easy to incorporate techniques for lymphatic drainage, sculpting, lifting and smoothing the skin. Like all stones, it can be used warm or cold, with a client favorite being chilled for puffy eyes.


The most popular use for home is using chilled for eye care: reducing puffiness and dark circles and soothing eye strain.

CJB Rose Quartz Sculpting Spoon

  • Tools by Cecily J Braden are a trusted source in the industry. The care and attention she brings to the design and developemetn of her tools are unsurpassed.



    Very often, we can get confused as to why we need to pay more money from something we can get at a lower price from other retailers but with Gua Sha stones, it's especially important to purchase from a trusted source so you know you aren't getting something like dyed glass.



    I like to use this spoon to detail around the eyes. It's unique shape allows to get into the corners of our eyes and under brow bones to release stagnation and accumulated tension. It's also really well suited to work around the corners of the nose. A place where we all need release as there are ligaments and muscles there that shorten when they accumulate tension, leading to the formation of the nasolabial folds.

  • Rose Quartz

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