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250 grams


Our Moroccan Rose Beldi Soap is a traditional cleansing and skin softening treatment direct from the famed hammams of Morocco.  Made from saponified olive oil and steam distilled Damask Rose.


  • Naturally rich in vitamin E
  • The gel-like soap can be used for cleansing or as a body masque to soften skin prior to exfoliating with the Kahina Kessa Mitt
  • Beldi means “traditional” or “authentic” in Moroccan


A beloved beauty ritual, this soap is imported directly from Morocco

Kahina Giving Beauty Moroccan Beldi Soap -Rose

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  • The less surfactants I use on my body the better my skin is.  I'm done with foamy wads of lather in a soap or body wash as they strip away my skins natural oils.



    This beldi soap doesn't lather much at all but feels so wonderful to massage and let soak into the skin. Using a washcloth or sea sponge makes it lather a wee bit more. I just love how it feels on my skin and afterward and the smell is divine!

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