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SKIN CHALLENGES  dry parched skin, sensitive, fine lines, an excellent emollient for softening and hydrating the skin. Anyone who struggles to maintain hydration in their skin (dehydrated skin), especially living in arid climates with low humidity.


Experience the evolution of facial toning with the ESPECIAL K toning mist. Meticulously crafted at the intersection of botanical intelligence and dermatological innovation, this mist stands as a beacon of hydration and skin revitalization. Drawing upon a rich tapestry of bioactive ingredients, it recalibrates the skin’s natural pH, ensuring an optimal environment for absorption of subsequent skincare steps and refining the skin’s texture.


VIT K LIPOSOMES  Employing advanced liposomal technology, Vitamin K is effectively shielded and delivered deep into the skin. Recognized for its unique capability to minimize vascular imperfections and enhance skin’s elasticity, liposomal Vitamin K offers precise, targeted benefits, resulting in a more even and revitalized complexion.


REISHI MUSHROOM LIPOSOMES  Integrating the time-honored potency of Reishi mushrooms within liposomal structures ensures deeper skin penetration. Rich in polysaccharides, these liposomes augment skin hydration and offer a potent antioxidant defense, combating free radicals and promoting a resilient and rejuvenated skin surface.


SAFFRON STEM CELLS  An avant-garde addition to modern skincare, saffron stem cells epitomize cellular repair and regeneration. Their bioactive profile actively counters signs of aging, guaranteeing skin that feels firmer, looks more radiant, and remains youthfully supple.


BULGARIAN ROSE WATER  Beyond its captivating aroma, Bulgarian rose water presents a cornucopia of skin-loving vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Its intrinsic anti-inflammatory attributes work to soothe and pacify skin irritations, while its natural humectants ensure lasting hydration, rendering the skin plump and refreshed.


AROMATHERAPY BENEFITS  rose is cooling in nature ideal for clearing heat, and tension. Nurturing to the soul, increasing self-love.



Khus+Khus Especial K Toning Mist

  • Liposomal hydration - where have you been all my life?



    Even with using the best of of the best of botanical hydrators (thank you Laurel Elixir!) my lipid dry skin still lives it's best life with a hydration booster. Living in Calgary with our dry air, cold temperatures and hard water takes it's toll on our lipid barriers. 



    Our lipid barrier naturally contains the NMF (natural moisturizering factor) and part of it's job is to draw hydration from the air into our skin. But when you live in a climate that is more desert than humid, our epidermis can struggle to maintain optimal hydration. This is very important as there are so many processes in our skin that are dependent on proper enzymatic function and enzymes need water to do their job. Want good cell turnover and timely exfoliation of our skin cells? Maintain optimal hydration in the epidermis because that's an enzymatic process.



    I find topical hydration to be one of the most misunderstood aspects of our skin ritual. Most brush it off as a "feel good" only step, not understanding that at a very simple level, our skin needs water & oil. And it prefers it in a seperate application. 



    This mist can be used as a stand alone hydration step or as a booster to your already existing beloved hydrator if you want the combination of plant extracts. I typically use my Laurel Elixir first, then follow with a boost of Especial K and my skin couldn't be happier!

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