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90.7 g (3.2 oz)


Scientific and purposeful ingredients


Our gentle, everyday toothpaste reduces plaque build-up and bacteria, and is formulated with nano-hydroxyapatite (nHA) to remineralize enamel and prevent sensitivity.


Alkaline 9x roasted bamboo salt (Jukyeom) from Korea restores ideal mouth chemistry, promoting healthy gums and fresh breath.




* Nano-hydroxyapatite (nHA) remineralizes teeth; preventing cavity, brightening teeth and alleviating sensitivity


* 9x roasted Korean medicinal bamboo salt restores ideal oral microbiome by neutralizing harmful acids and providing nourishing minerals


* Xylitol starves harmful bacteria in your mouth, reducing plaque and preventing cavities 


* Pine Tree Oil alleviates pain from gingivitis, gum disease and inflammation


* Refreshing peppermint and pine flavor


* Environmentally friendly toothpaste - plastic free toothpaste tubes are recyclable


* Fluoride and Triclosan-Free


• Cruelty-Free Vegan


Ojook Toothpaste with nHA & Bamboo Salt

  • As someone who has periodontal disease, it's been a bit of a learning curve to find information on how our actual oral microbiome and teeth work. Did you know our teeth have their own lymph system?



    This toothpaste has helped me turn my gum deisease around. I had been using another toothpaste brand with nano hydroxyapatite in it for the past year or so but the addition of the bamboo salt in Ojook has made a huge difference. Salt helps to change the pH of our saliva back to a more neutral level, which helps stave bacteria off. My mouth feels so clean and fresh after using this. I'm so glad I discovered it!

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