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"Ageing is energy loss, Qi beauty is energy renewal”



  • The home kit is a 12 point patch system

  • Wear it overnight 2-3 times weekly to train skin to behave more energetically

  • Result driven, tested and trusted by women around the world

  • Using Quantum SKin Mechanics to excite and energies your skin

  • Affordable and sustainable, one kit has 50 treatments following the 12 point method (approx. 3 months) 

  • Choose from one of the 3 included matrixs - Full face, eye lift or lip lift matrix

  • Customise your own and let Qi work overnight while you sleep



  • Cleanse as usual, apply your 12 point matrix in minutes and finish by sparingly applying your favourite serum, oil or moisturizer

  • Make dinner, drink tea or Netflix in your Qi

  • Relax in it, sleep in it - love it!

Qi Beauty Home Kit

  • Train your skin to be energetically responsive every time you wear your matrix 


    Support cell to cell communication for more efficient skin


    Support dermal secretions to reduce dehydration and increase skin elasticity


    Stimulate healthier cell turnover to support tired skin 


    Reduced inflammation with calming acupressure points 


    Support skin detoxification overnight to reduce congestion and lymphatic stagnation


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