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Set of 2 facial cups


These Silicone Cups offer the user more control over the suction of delicate facial tissues. By utilizing a balloon style cavity, versus the standard cone style cavity, the user has more compressible air volume to create more refined levels of suction. This additional control is exactly what you want when cupping over delicate areas.


This cup is translucent so you can see the change of the skin from the outside of the cup to gauge tissue reaction. It is also pliable to allow for easy changing of the suction area to accommodate boney or narrow surfaces.


Large Silicone Facial Cup Features:


18mm inner opening 

70mm height


The 18mm opening is convenient for invigorating and decongesting small areas around face including jaw, temples, and sinuses. It also can be used on hands, toes and other small delicate areas of the body.


Smaller Silicone Facial Cup Features:


7mm inner opening 

68mm height


This smaller size of this cup brand can be used more precisely on delicate areas around face including above and below eyes, temples, lips and sinuses. It also can be used on hands, toes and other small delicate areas of the body.


The silicone material used to form the cups is hygienic, and can withstand high temperatures up to 250 degree Celsius for effective cleaning.

SMWYL Facial Cupping Set

  • I've looked long and hard for facial cups that would be easy to use at home and these are them. I've always found the traditional cone shaped ones harder to squeeze, leading to hand fatigue and too firm to be able to shape to the different contours of our faces.



    Facial cupping is such a good practice at home as it stimulates the different levels of the skin & tissues in a completely different way than facial massage or Gua Sha.



    It's a quick and easy practice at the end of the night.



    Ideal for those who find learning Gua Sha intimidating or for users of oil based skincare as cupping helps draw everything into the skin tissues so your skincare stays on your face and not on your pillow! (Users of traditional cream skincare can also get this benefit)



    I also find cups VERY convienent to take when I'm travelling as most airport security guards would flag my gua sha stone and one even picked it up and then TOSSED it back into the bin! UMMMM Excuse me? So now when I'm trying to live the carry on life when I travel, I bring these and breeze through security, no wait times.

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