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30 ml


The Formula: 

Terrain Sage (Wise Ground) is a profoundly nourishing plant-based cellular repair concentrate that harnesses the power of wild foraged Chaga Mushroom, Gotu Kola, and Astragalus Root to decrease the rate of environmentally induced collagen breakdown in the skin due to ultraviolet exposure. Our proprietary phytonutrient profile has been thoughtfully formulated to support radiant skin by creating a replenishing barrier that promotes efficient cell proliferation and renewal while protecting and soothing during seasonal transitions.


This unique concentrate's texture is rich and emollient yet light and quick to absorb, and created especially for layering with facial mist and serum to seal in all beneficial nutrients. Use in the morning and evening as desired. Thirsty skin will benefit from this balm twice daily, while more hydrated or combination skin may appreciate it as a night treatment only. 


The aromatic element of this formula is gathered from the harmonious blending of verdant herbs and delicate floral essences with notes of plush cottage-grown Rose Geranium and tender Immortelle flowers crushed underfoot at twilight. 


Philosophy of Flowers:

Elderflower Essence, Chaga Mushroom, Astragalus Root, Gotu Kola Root, and Immortelle Flower


Active Botanicals:


Wild Chaga Mushroom - Our Chaga mushrooms are sustainably and ethically foraged by hand to preserve the integrity of the original plant, allowing for healthful and efficient regrowth. Chaga mushrooms are naturally rich in antioxidant properties that protect the skin against oxidative stress and assist in cellular regeneration. In addition, Chaga is a rich source of melanin. Melanin is crucial in protecting your skin from the intense damage of prolonged sun exposure and other elements that may harm the skin. It is also a source of betulinic acid, which restores and regenerates delicate tissues and natural collagen and is a potent anti-inflammatory. 


Astragalus Root - A naturally potent anti-inflammatory that bolsters the strength of connective tissue and overall skin health. Astragalus has been found to decrease the rate of environmentally induced collagen breakdown in the skin due to ultraviolet exposure.


Gotu Kola - This miraculous plant powerfully supports collagen production and nourishes the delicate connective tissue of the skin.


Nettle Leaf - Naturally rich in silica, sulphur, and vibrant phytonutrients, that helps in making skin healthier and more resilient to stress. It is a marvellous nutrient for the skin and helps boost resiliency to UV damage and environmental toxins.


Coastal Sugar Kelp - Phytonutrient-rich and packed with skin-loving vitamins and minerals, our ethically hand-foraged seaweeds are ideal superfoods, infusing the skin with essential nutrients to nurture a radiant complexion.


Marshmallow Root - A natural humectant, marshmallow draws moisture to the skin, improving hydration levels. Rich in flavonoids with natural anti-inflammatory properties, this extract helps to repel and reverse UV and free radical damage.


Licorice Root - Softens hyperpigmentation and discolouration while blocking UV light with naturally occurring enzymes. Natural compounds reduce inflammation and swelling while toning and firming the skin. Rich in vital nutrients and antioxidants that block free radicals.


Comfrey Leaf - Contains natural allantoin, a powerful compound that acts as an emollient to nourish, moisturize, and soften the skin. Rich in tannins protect the skin from bacteria and environmental toxins by drawing out impurities and encouraging healing. Rosmarinic acid has antioxidant effects and helps protect the skin from UV damage.


Foraged Calendula Flower - Promotes skin tightness while minimizing day-to-day damage while increasing the hydration within the skin, which is one of the main ways to prevent signs of ageing. Deeply restorative for acne and redness-prone complexions, naturally rich in antioxidants and wound-healing antiseptic properties, and helps protect skin against UV rays.


Sea Buckthorn Berry - One of the most critical superfoods for plump and nourished skin. This beautiful whole fruit is rich in essential fatty acids, carotenoids and flavonoids. In addition, it functions as a support plant to strengthen the skin's connective tissue as it changes from season to season and is exposed to the sun at varying degrees of intensity.


Immortelle Flower - A balancing, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing essence that helps to reduce hyperpigmentation and discolouration and tone skin for a glowing complexion.

Tidelands House Terrain Sage Solid Nectar Concentrated Facial Balm

  • This is a beautiful, medium weight balm that is suitable for any skin type. It's diverse nutrient profile and all of it's collagen stimulating, hydrating and photo protective ingredients make this balm a go to, morning and/or night.

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