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This Brow Soap DOES NOT BUDGE.



Formulated to maintain the strongest hold all day long while still being kind to your skin, Soap Brows Extra Strong can tame the most stubborn of brows. No white residue, no flakiness and no touch ups needed.



Perfect For

People with unruly brows that just won't behave, those who like their brows to stay put and those who want an uplifted individual hair lamination look.

WBCo Soap Brows - Extra Strength

  • For the longest time, I didn't have a lot of brow hair to work with thanks to my love of Drew Barrymore and her over tweezed, thin arches in the 90's. Add accumulated tension in the brow area that reduced nutrients to brow follicles and you get sparse brows that I didn't know what to do with.



    Over the years I have worked on bringing back vital circulation to the brow area with things like facial massage, Gua Sha and cupping and to my surprise, I had A LOT of brow hair grow back.



    I'm a pretty minimal makeup type of person but good brows was something I've always wanted but never had the patience to draw on everyday. Nowadays I have started to get my brows tinted to darken them a little bit and bring out every available hair possible. Then I just swipe a coat or two of this brow soap in, style them a wee bit and I'm done. I don't have to mess with powders or pencils as I like a very natural style.



    This product is true to it's word in it's ability to hold those individual brows up! It's been a dream to find this becasue it makes styling my brows so so simple.



    It can also be combined with other brow products to achieve a more "done" look if that's your thing.

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