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You'll Wonder How You Managed Without This


Style and groom your brows with confidence using the bespoke WBCo Brow Brush. Angled for ease, this dual ended brow styling brush comes with a spoolie and a flat end. No matter how you like to brow-identify, this must have tool will make it so easy and quick, you'll never be without it again.


Perfect For


Anyone who likes to style their brows with the best Brow Brush ever.

WBCO The Brow Brush

  • When I first starting using the Brow Soap I used the spoolie it came with but found that it moved around then I was trying to comb the product through my brows. When I switched to The Brow Brush I found it much easier to comb the brow soap through to get a better shape.



    I like to comb the brow soap through my brows almost straight up, let sit for a minute and then I use the flat brush to "tuck" the ends in a bit (which just looks like running the flat edge over the tops of my brows to calm down the crazy brow look haha)

  • This is definitely a personal preference! In the WBCo. HQ, some use the spoolie end first and some use the flat end. Either way, it is the perfect brush for applying and styling brows for the all day hold.

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